Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nutty Guys - $25 gift certificate for $10 today on Groupon

Have you discovered Groupon yet?  Each day cities around the US offer great deals on gift certificates, services and other items.  You can go on and "Buy" one of these deals but the deal only happens if enough people "Buy" it during the hours it is offered.  I selected the city closest to me to receive deals from by email but you can look at any US city.  As for the deal discussed below, it's under Oklahoma City but it is an internet deal so anyone can purchase it.  A lot of the deals are online so don't be upset if a city near you is not listed.

The deal for today under Oklahoma City....Get $25 in nuts, dried fruit, candy, seeds, etc. from NuttyGuys.com for just $10!

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