Monday, April 26, 2010

Staples - $1 Packs of Paper and FREE Batteries with Staples Rewards

I love Staples!  I had never gone into a Staples until I started paying attention to their ads and realizing that you could get free stuff!  I never pay more then $1 for a pack of paper anymore thanks to Staples.  So if you are wondering if it's worth paying for the paper to print all those is when it's this cheap!  This week they have a couple of awesome deals.

Get a 20-Pack of Duracell AA Batteries for $9.99 and you will get 100% of it back in Staples Rewards!

Buy 2 Hammermill 500 Sheet Reams of Copy Paper for $6.49 each
Submit the Easy Rebate to get cash back of $10.98
Making your final cost $1.00 each!

The Easy Rebates at Staples are just that...EASY!  Once you signup online, you just enter the information from the receipts you receive at checkout and they will mail you a check.  That's it!

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