Sunday, March 28, 2010

Coupon Lesson - It's Sunday and getting toward the end of the month!

It's that time of the week again.  The day we get to open our Sunday paper and see what kind of money we're going to save.  The coupons I saw this morning weren't anything to excite me but we'll have to wait and see what kinds of sales arise!  There are a few good coupons out this week.  If you like Dunkin Donuts coffee, make sure to clip the $1.50 coupon and head to Publix where it is on sale for $5.49 through Tuesday. 

If you have decided to clip your Sunday coupons then get to clippin' and organize them in your binder.  Since we're getting close to March 31, when a lot of coupons expire, you might want to go ahead and start pulling these coupons out of your binder as your putting the new ones in.  If you're just going to date the coupon inserts and file them, make sure to put today's date on the outside of all the inserts so that you are easily able to coordinate your coupons with Southern Savers.

Since we are getting close to the end of the month you will have a lot of coupons expiring on March 31st.  Today would be the time to look through you're coupons and make sure there are no coupons that you might want to use before they expire.  Sometimes I'll have a good coupon on something we need or use a lot but there have been no good sales in which to use the coupon.  This is when I head to Wal-Mart or wherever I see the item might be cheapest and go ahead and use the coupon.  This happens mostly on items that don't go on sale as often.

If the rain will slow down, I'm off to Publix today.  There are lots of great deals this week.  There seem to be a lot of store coupons that are matching with manufacturer's coupons.  Remember that most grocery stores now accept competitor's coupons!  I'm stacking coupons for items such as Quilted Northern and International Delight.  Check out the Family Dollar online coupons this week for ice cream and cereal that's on sale at Publix. 

If you are a Publix shopper, make sure to stop by the service desk on your way in the store and ask if they have any coupons.  Instead of leaving their Advantage Buy ads and other coupons out where someone could pick them all up, they keep them at customer service so that each customer only gets one.  The last one I picked up had a rebate form for a $10 Publix gift card with the purchase of $35 worth of Huggies diapers, pullups or wipes.  I'm pairing this Publix wipes, diaper and pullups coupons that I received by being a member of the Baby Club.  So make sure to join all of their clubs online and make a trip to the service desk on every Publix shopping trip!

If you're going to try to grab some Walgreens deals, make sure to pickup one of their coupon books.  As you walk in the store you will see the rack where they display their weekly ad papers.  On the front of this rack you should find some long, skinny booklets full of Walgreens coupons.  They have a different coupon book every month.  Make sure to pick one up in case there are coupons that could best be used at stores that accept competitor's coupons.

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